Management Committee 2013


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TREASURER (acting)
Amanda KREBS 0403 055 085
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Club Philosophies

Fairness & Respect

The Australian Sports Commission has identified of particular concern the potential loss of the intrinsic values of sport, including fair play, respect for the opponent, respect for the umpire, being a role model for the players of the future, and being a gracious winner and a gracious loser. These values are steadily, if not increasingly, being challenged. If we lose the values of sport as something worth honouring, then eventually we will diminish the value of sport in society. It is important for our children that we maintain the intrinsic values of sport that have evolved over Australia’s history.

Brisbane Force recognises that through Football our club has the opportunity to instil respect and fairness in our young players. Brisbane Force will continue to ensure that club official’s act at all times as role models and that our club maintains the intrinsic values of sport by developing policies and programs that will reinforce these values.


Brisbane Force has created a Safe Play Policy as an essential part of our Clubs proactive and preventative approach to minimizing the risk involved for our participants and volunteers in the playing of sport and their involvement in social activities.

This policy is designed to protect members and aims to ensure Brisbane Force Football Clubs core values, good reputation, positive behaviours and attitudes are maintained.

Positive Experiences

As a club, our commitment is to provide all young players with an opportunity to learn to love the game of football and to provide an environment that breeds positive sporting and social experiences.  The Club also commits to providing for the skill development of all our young players giving them the opportunity to progress to their full potential and to play for the club at senior level via our social or competitive teams.


Sport occupies a central position in Australian life.  It is a source of health and enjoyment for millions of people who participate either as a player or as an official of the game.

An estimated 7 million adult Australians are overweight or obese and an estimated one in five (22%) of Australian children aged between 2 and 17 years are considered overweight or obese.

Additionally the basic motor skill competencies of Australian children have dropped significantly in recent times, coinciding with the loss of sport from the school curriculum and children’s increasingly sedentary recreational activities.

Brisbane Force plays an important role in providing local children and children from within our region with the option to play sport. The Club prides itself in the work it does each year in its contribution to the health and happiness of young Australians.

The Club philosophy is to offer Football via normal Club activities and introduce Football by way of additional community programs to the children and youth of the region.


Who are we?

  •  We are a group of likeminded people
  • We are football focused
  • We are committed to Youth Development
  • We are Queensland’s Premier Amateur Football Club
  • We strive to be Professional in all we do
  • We have experienced football administrators
  • We have highly qualified football coaches with
  • Professional playing experience
  • We have connections to A-League and overseas Clubs
  • We actively create and develop playing careers


What is our vision?

  • Our vision is to create an environment where young players can be developed and prepared for a professional career in football
  • We strive to provide the highest standard of support facilities and deliver quality coaching programs