Club Philosophy


Brisbane Force Club Football Philosophy

Sport occupies a central position in Australian life. It is a source of health and enjoyment for millions of people who participate either as a player or as an official of the game.

An estimated 7 million adult Australians are overweight or obese and an estimated one in five (24% of boys and 27% of girls) of Australian children aged between 5 and 17 years are considered overweight or obese (ABS 2012). Studies have shown that once children become obese they are more likely to stay obese into adulthood and have an increased risk of developing both short and long-term health conditions

Additionally the basic motor skill competencies of Australian children have dropped significantly in recent times, coinciding with their interest in increasingly sedentary recreational activities.

Brisbane Force plays an important role in providing local children and children from within our region with the option to play sport.

The Club prides itself in the work it does each year in its contribution to the health and happiness of young Queenslanders.

The Club philosophy is to offer Football via normal Club activities and introduce Football by way of additional community programs via schools and after school communities to the children and youth of the region.

Brisbane Force supports Club coaches who have priorities that foremost include; ▪ young players enjoying the game, ▪ young players viewing their time in our programs as a positive experience,

▪ young players returning to play the game.

The Club will provide a pathway for children, young adults and adults who wish to participate and socialise via our “Community Football” and “Development” programs.

Brisbane Force Development

Brisbane Force prides itself on being “football focused” we are keen to develop interested and enthusiastic players to their full potential.

The Club recognises that all players including talented players start playing football at the “grass roots level” (ages U6-U10). It is therefore important for the Club to support coaches and programs involved in our very young teams.

The Club employs a Director of Coaching who has a directive to deliver education programs to assist Club coaches of “grass roots” players.

“Grass roots” programs will be delivered to young players based on building agility, skills and love of the game. These programs will be supported by the Club with the necessary resources & equipment.

Each year the Club will advertise for talented Club players and players from outside the Club to trial for the following year in a program held in the last term of school each year.

Players turning 11 to 15 years in the following year will be put through their paces by qualified and experienced coaches. Brisbane Force has a written grading policy that parents and players are welcome to review.

At the end of the trails players will be selected and offered positions in our Academy and Development teams for the following year.

Academy & Development players will play in the local Football Brisbane age group fixtures but will also have the opportunity to play additional extension games, will likely be entered into tournaments and may be offered tours where appropriate.

Instructional classes will be delivered in diet and nutrition, strength and fitness, speed and agility, game tactics and mental game preparation and other important football support disciplines (all classes are offered where age appropriate).

Transition to senior teams

Brisbane Force is very conscious of our responsibility in assisting players acquire the strength and skills needed to transition into senior football. The club offers young players the opportunity to play from age 16 in our youth squads which provide a link between junior and senior football. We endeavor to field U18 teams in Brisbane’s highest league and further U18 sides so social players can move into senior social football. The Premier U18 side assists us in developing players for our Premier senior and Reserve sides.

Brisbane Force is a not for profit entity and we believe the foremost amateur football club in Queensland.